Corporate Campus
Stand and Deliver Corporate Campus –
Making a Positive Difference in the Life of a Lawrence Student
The MCAS Challenge
Every student in Massachusetts must pass a standardized test called the MCAS exam to graduate from high school. This creates a special challenge for Lawrence students, as 85% of them speak English as a second language and come from low-income families that don’t have the resources to provide needed help.
Your company can partner with a Lawrence Public School and help Lawrence students develop skills needed to meet the MCAS Challenge.
Here’s how it works…..
Your company partners up with one of 13 Lawrence Public Schools
We match volunteer employees in your company with students from your partner school on a one-to-one basis, based upon common interests.
Students are transported once a week to your facility where the mentoring takes place.
The matches meet for an hour a week using tools provided by Stand and Deliver to work on MCAS math and language arts skills
Stand and Deliver provides training to volunteer mentors and monitor each match to insure the match meets the needs of both the mentor and the student.
Everybody Wins!! These are just a few of
the benefits of Stand and Deliver Corporate Campus
For the Company
Becoming a community leader and good corporate citizen
Helping develop a more skilled future workforce
Providing psychic satisfaction and the opportunity to “give back” to your employees
Adding to the pride employees have in working for your company
For the Mentor
Making a difference in the life of a deserving young person
Learning about a new culture
Making a new friend
Becoming a much-needed volunteer without having to leave the workplace
For the Student
A better chance to graduate from high school
Getting to know a successful, caring adult
Expanding the horizons of what is possible in life
Learning new ways to think about their future
Getting Started is Easy – We’ll be Good Stewards of your Valuable Time
We’ll conduct an informational meeting for interested employees
Volunteers will fill out a simple interest form
We’ll match volunteers with students based upon common interest with the help of staff from your Partner School
We’ll conduct a training workshop for mentors
There will be a Kick-off Meeting at your Partner School
Once a week mentoring will begin at your company
  Raytheon Corporation    
  Partner since 2005 Oliver School 7th and 8th grade
    Frost Middle School 7th and 8th grade
    Lawrence High School 9-12th grade
Raytheon inaugurated the Stand and Deliver Corporate Campus Program in the fall of 2005. As of fall 2009, over 120 Raytheon employees mentor students in three Lawrence schools.
  New Balance Corporation    
  Partner since 2006 Guilmette Middle School 7th & 8th grade
  New Balance in Lawrence began its partnership with 12 Guilmette School 7th graders. Most of their students are now freshmen at Lawrence High, and continue to work with their mentors on passing the 10th grade MCAS.
  GE Healthcare      
  Partner since Fall 2007 Lawrence High School 9th - 12th grade  
Fifteen engineers and technical writers at GE Medical meet weekly to work with their students from the High School. These students have the shortest bus trip of any program- only five minutes door-to-door!
  Phillips Academy-Andover
  Partner winter 2006 - 2009 Guilmette School 7th grade  
This unique partnership matches students at Phillips Academy in Andover with 7th and 8th graders in Lawrence. This program runs from late January through March every year, and is a great opportunity for the students to experience the Andover campus.
  Philips Healthcare      
  Partner 2009 -2010 S. Lawrence E. 7th & 8th Lawrence High School 9th - 12th  
Philips employees stepped in to mentor 40 South Lawrence East Middle School and High School students. In addition to Math and English for MCAS, a new biology component has been added for the new science MCAS requirement and also AP subjects.
  Sovereign Bank      
  Partner 2007 Frost School 8th grade  
One of our newest partners, 13 Sovereign bank employees from branches around the Merrimack Valley met weekly in downtown Lawrence at the Clemente Abascal room to mentor their Frost School 8th graders.
  Greater Lawrence Family Heath Center      
  Partner 2007 Arlington Middle School 8th grade  
GLFHC had a small but robust program of committed mentors and students. The small size of the group has allowed for some excellent group mentoring opportunities, as well as fostering strong individual relationships.